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Dehydrated products in India of a superior quality
Mansi Foods is a leading manufacturer and exporter of Dehydrated Onion, Garlic, more dried vegetables, and spices as well. We are renowned for our finest Quality and Service. We believe ingredients play the main role in the taste of the food, we ensure that the products offered by us are fresh and with original flavor. A well-trained staff makes sure that a product that is processed is the best in its class. We develop and manufacture high-quality products. We are committed to supplying safe and hygienic food to our customers by controlling the procurement of raw materials, monitoring the process parameters, and maintaining appropriate cleanliness and disinfection of the space. In order to achieve client happiness, we also sincerely believe in upholding the same quality standards without modifying them.… Read More
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Dehydrated Products
At Mansi Foods, we serve the broadest possible audience, make a variety of dehydrated food products and provide them at competitive costs. Our products are created after carefully analysing the requirements of our consumers in order to improve their cooking style, health, and enrich their life.

Dehydrated Pink Onion

Mansi Foods is the ideal producer of dehydrated pink onion, bringing over a variety of different varieties. We produce and supply an Read more

Dehydrated Garlic

A time-saving alternative to garlic salt derived from powdered dehydrated garlic is garlic powder. Products made with dehydrated garlic Read more

Dehydrated Red Onion

Red onions are one of the various varieties of onions that exist. The red onion is dried and has a captivating appearance, a strong Read more

Dehydrated White Onion

Dehydrated White Onion at Mansi Foods is made from the finest quality dehydrated white onions. Utilize the dehydrated white onion’s Read more
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  • Hygienic Process

    We regulate the sourcing of raw ingredients, process parameters, and uphold proper sanitation and personal hygiene.
  • Mesmerising Aroma

    The manufacturers of food products are always appreciative of our freshness, and the flakeā€™s aroma and freshness.
  • Modern Technologies

    Our facility is fully equipped with the most modern equipment and fully automatic which makes sure to get the best output.
  • Promise of Purity

    Our delicious and nourishing ring bean flakes are 100% pure, have a light green colour, and have very little moisture.
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