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About Us

Mansi Foods is a leading manufacturer and exporter of Dehydrated Onion, Garlic, more dried vegetables, and spices as well. We are renowned for our finest Quality and Service. We believe ingredients play the main role in the taste of the food, we ensure that the products offered by us are fresh and with original flavor. A well-trained staff makes sure that a product that is processed is the best in its class.

We develop and manufacture high-quality products. We are committed to supplying safe and hygienic food to our customers by controlling the procurement of raw materials, monitoring the process parameters, and maintaining appropriate cleanliness and disinfection of the space. In order to achieve client happiness, we also sincerely believe in upholding the same quality standards without modifying them.

Success Story
Mansi Foods is the result of a long way of tough grind conquered by an excellent team of field experts, passionate businessmen and founders of the company Mr. Manish Dhrangdhariya and Mr. Sanjay Dhrangdhariya. The all-way journey was accompanied by the Managing Director, Mr. Jaymin Dhrangdhariya and the Chief Marketing Executive, Mr. Dhruvit Dhrangdhariya. The voyage started in the year 2010 when they started dealing in Fresh Onions and gradually one thing after another started to add up. In year 2017, Mansi Foods was established as a leading supplier of dehydrated onions. Things are adding up consistently and along with varieties of dehydrated onions, today we deal in various other dried vegetables and spices with an annual production capacity of 2000 MT.

Authenticity and Certifications
As a leader in the dried vegetable industry, we are unrivaled in terms of quality, customer satisfaction, and fair pricing. We are certified with APEDA, FSSAI, SPICE BOARD & FDA standards, and the top producers & suppliers of the finest food products of Indian origin. We make sure our customers receive the best components possible. As a result, we take care to only buy from the best plantations. Our network of farmers enables us to consistently provide our consumers with products of the highest caliber. We have become a market leader thanks to our persistent focus on value addition, and we work to demonstrate our brilliance.

Infrastructure for Excellence
We are fully aware that every consumer is different and has specific needs. We think we can deliver the services and solutions you require thanks to our tailored and adaptable approach. We are able to provide the best quality in accordance with the sample, with the entire container loaded and the necessary documents included. In accordance with our rule of customer satisfaction, we collaborate with the best to guarantee that you receive the highest quality products and services. 

Significance of Dehydrated Vegetables & Spices:
One of the earliest techniques for preserving food for later use is food drying. Drying can be used in place of, or in addition to, canning and freezing. Cut and prepared for use in your cuisine, dehydrated vegetables. Dry foods are delicious, secure, and easy to prepare. Vegetables, leaves, and other items can all be dried year-round using modern food dehydrators. By drying the veggies, the moisture is removed, preventing the growth of bacteria, yeast, and blight that could damage the meal. Enzymes, which are naturally occurring molecules that cause food to ripen, are likewise slowed down but not inactivated by drying. As a result of the moisture being removed during drying, the veggies shrink and lose weight. When the food is prepared for consumption, the water is re-added, restoring the food’s natural shape.

Policy for Excellence
The company with its focus on manufacturing the best quality at the present date stands at the forefront in the market for manufacturing and exporting dehydrated onion products of exceptional quality. It is one of the reasons why Mansi Foods gives an indisputable quality of dehydrated onions to the wide international markets.