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Dehydrated Pink Onion

Mansi Foods is the ideal producer of dehydrated pink onion, bringing over a variety of different varieties. We produce and supply an exclusive assortment of dehydrated pink onions in the following forms, all while keeping an eye on the most recent market trends:

  • Flakes
  • Chopped
  • Minced
  • Granules
  • Powder
  • Fried Flakes
These premium dehydrated pink onions are of the highest quality, have undergone hygienic processing, and suit a variety of palates well. The natural flavour and fresh flavour of dehydrated pink onions are simply fantastic. The color seems to be slightly off Red and the taste is also typically similar to red onions and the smell is also similar to the red onions.

The Specialty of Pink Onion
When compared to white or red onions, pink onions are gentler and sweeter, yet their lower pungency may still produce a great onion flavor, making them the all-rounders of the onion world. It has been observed when the pink onion is cooked or added to salads, it keeps its lovely pink colour intact.

It has a mild, sweet flavour and is stronger in brix than other kinds while having less pyruvic acid. Applications
The dehydrated pink onions are used extensively in cooking soups, seasoning, gravies, sauces, dry mixes, and fast food and the list is endless. The onions are excellent when grilled, pickled, and roasted and are very healthy. Dehydrated Pink Onions are used in various food preparations where the onion flavour & taste is required and texture and appearance texture of onion is desired. Pink onions that are mature and fresh are cleaned, trimmed, chopped, and dried using a hot air closed continuous system.

Health Benefits and Nutritional Values:
  • Give better skin and hair
  • Improve your heart health
  • Contribute to Healthy Bones
  • Boost digestive health
  • Rich in Oxidants
  • Help contain blood sugar

Size and packing details

Product namesizepacking
Dehydrated pink onion kibbled14kg carton box/paper bag
Dehydrated pink onion chopped3-6 mm/6-8 mm20kg/25kg carton box/paper bag
Dehydrated pink onion minced1-3 mm/2-3 mm20kg/25kg carton box/paper bag
Dehydrated pink onion granuels0.5-1 mm/0.2-0.5 mm20kg/25kg carton box/paper bag
Dehydrated pink onion powder80-100 mesh20kg/25kg carton box/paper bag